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Intrepid traveler and Lao resident, Paul Burnett, headed to Boten to put his eye on its progress, stopping along the way to soak up the local culture. Travel with Paul on his trail to disappointment.

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Lao Photographers Embarking on a very ambitious Adventure! Vientiane to Don Khon & Back! 2,999km of pure Adventure!

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Come and Explore Pa Chong Houei Chaek, Conservation Park of Khampom Phongsavanh! A location created from the heart - even during these trying times an outlook towards the future!

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I’ve toured with Somsavath, who runs Phou Iu Travel, several times. He is forever digging deeper into the mountains of Laos’ northwestern-most province, and his itineraries make “off the beaten track” look like Main Street.

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Do you need more than 24 Hours in Vientiane to explore the capital? How about Another 24 Hours in Vientiane by Love Laos.

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Xe Champhone Loop offers a lot of activities to be discovered and incredible wildlife. It is a perfect family trip for a weekend out of Savannakhet city or if you want to take your time on the road between Pakse and Thakhek.

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“Ever wondered what it is like, travelling off the beaten track in Laos looking for the most beautiful textiles? Our Village Weavers Project often takes us to isolated villages. Tag along as we travel from Luang Prabang to Bam Puim in the Houaphanh Province.

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The Thakhek Loop is gaining traffic with new attractions along the way. Take a ride on the Loop with Love Laos.

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Temples always tended to attract tourists in the nation’s capital, but as Love Laos, “Vientiane has a wealth of hidden gems to discover for those wanting to get a real feel for this charming city."

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Learn about unique Lao staples and food preparation from Love Laos.

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