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The Rock Viewpoint at Phou PHA Marn, Operated by INTHIRA Hotels & Resorts Are proud to Present their new addition to the Inthira Hotels & Resorts THE ROCK LODGE – At Phou PHA Marn.

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Specifically for Women working in Tourism and hospitality Sector in Laos!

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The "Good Tourism" Blog For a truly sustainable, sincerely responsible travel & tourism industry ... because sustainable tourism & responsible travel is everyone's business.

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The Lao travel trade sparked to life late last week, with a tourism and hospitality webinar, easing of restrictions after a rigid six-week Covid lockdown, and the publication of the “Statistical Report on Tourism in Laos 2020”.

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“We use ‘Ethical’ a lot in our practices because I feel tourism is all about people,” said Rachel Dechaineux, owner of the riverside Silver Naga hotel in Vang Vieng.

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In spite of Covid-19’s effect on the worldwide travel industry, the Lao tourism and hospitality sector continues to look towards a brighter future. However, our global tourism partners and clients are uncertain of the situation in Laos, and what the plan is for reopening when international travel gets rolling.

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Veteran hotelier and We Are Lao Managing Director John Morris Williams presents an easy to follow guide to reopening the Lao hospitality sector, with a focus tour agent’s and traveler’s needs.

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Four representatives from the Ministry of Information Culture and Tourism (MICT) have been awarded the ‘China Ready’ Certification Award by the China Outbound Tourism Research Institute (COTRI) after successfully completing the ‘China Ready’ training programme.

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Scratch the surface of Luang Prabang and discover a side of the UNESCO city to experience what mainstream tourists overlook with these downloads.

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The second “Let’s Travel” expo, organized by Lao Airlines, EXO Travel Lao, and Vientiane Center will be held at the Vientiane Center on 19-21 February 2021, to promote domestic travel in Laos during the pandemic.

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