Savour Unseen Salavan
Be among the first to experience waterfalls rushing over the Bolaven Plateau, overlooked ethnic groups adept at weaving, and the scars of war.
Tad Lo waterfall take a Tour company and explore the country side


History: Though Salavan’s forests hide prehistoric sites including stone caskets and cave paintings, little is known about the province’s history. According to some historians, approximately 1,500 years ago, a Mon-Khmer group, the Cham, established settlements in what is now Salavan Province. The area eventually became part of the Khmer Empire, and by the 19th...Read more.

Ethnic Diversity: Visit a Salavan village for excellent insight into cultures few have seen. Many of Southern Laos’ 17,000-plus Alak live in Salavan, having migrated from Vietnam’s Central Highlands. Their palm and thatch houses encircle communal spirit houses on stilts. Several clans – named after animals considered sacred – comprise the Alak’s matriarchal society...Read more.

Things to Do: Base your stay in easy-to reach Salavan Town or the Tad Lo tourist centre, and embark on simple 1-day tour circuits or 2-day treks. Adventures scour Salavan Town’s main attractions, wander to Toumlan’s Katang weaving villages and longhouses, and explore waterfalls, ethnic villages, and magnificent Bolaven Plateau views...Read more.

Attractions: Be among the first to explore this remote yet easy-to-access province. Experience the thunder on Bolaven Plateau waterfalls, explore Salavan’s nature and unique culture, and view its war-torn past. The Bolaven Plateau’s rivers spawn several waterfalls in Salavan. Though Tad Lo Waterfall holds the headlines, Tad Hang is the first set of falls you’re likely to see...Read more.

Getting There: As Salavan has no active airport, most visitors arrive via Pakse, about 115 km away. Lao Airlines offers 14 direct weekly flights to Pakse International Airport departing Vientiane at 07:10, 7:50, 8:10, and 10:30, depending on the day, for the 75-minute trip. The carrier also offers a daily direct flight from Luang Prabang departing at 10:40 and arriving at 12:20...Read more

Getting Around: Independent travellers heading to Salavan’s districts and attractions may find it challenging, but well worth the effort. The best wat to get around Salavan is with transportation rented in Pakse, as only Tad Lo currently offers bicycle rentals. Tuk-tuks are available for travelling around Salavan Town’s sites, and the schedule for busses to the outlying districts is...Read more.

Where to Stay: Stay over in one of Southern Laos best kept secrets. A short ride from Pakse lands at the Tad Lo tourism enclave, with resorts opening to sprawling lawns and gardens offering private views of the Tad Hang and Tad Lo Waterfalls. Budget travellers will find Xe Set Riverside rooms near the bridge, and can arrange tours and transportation at local agents and...Read more.

Travel Guide: Salavan remains relatively unexplored, though it’s easily accessed from Pakse. Independent travellers can hire vehicles in Pakse, negotiate tuk tuks and song taews (Pickup trucks with benches) for visiting sites or travelling between districts. Busses are also available for inner-province transport. The number of hotels and guesthouses is relatively small and...Read more.


Savour Unseen Salavan