Champasak: Heritage on The Mekong
Surround yourself in Champasak’s ancient Khmer roots and French colonial history, investigate the province’s culture, and explore nature on the Bolaven Plateau.
Tour the 4000 Island of champasak Southern Laos, by foot or by Boats


History: Surround yourself in Champasak’s amazing ancient history dating 2,000 years. According to several historians, Champasak Province was part of the Funan and then Chenla Kingdoms from the 1st to 9th centuries. The oldest historical reference related to the “Ancient City” is found in a Sanskrit stele dating to the second half of the 5th century. Archaeological research has...Read more.

Ethnic Diversity: Champasak Province is home to several distinct ethnic groups, many of which have small populations and unique languages and dialects. Take a Bolaven Plateau trek with a village visit for insight into cultures few have seen. The 9th-13th-century Khmer Empire spawned today’s Lavene, who mostly live in the Bolaven Plateau. They practice modern agriculture, and...Read more.

Things to Do: Get close to Champasak Province by tackling one of its four tourist circuits. Take in the religious shrines and handicraft villages Around Pakse Town, and investigate the Champasak Heritage Landscape starring Vat Phou. Explore the remnants of French colonial France’s stronghold in The 4,000 Islands, and discover nature in The Bolaven Plateau & Xe Pian...Read more.  

Attractions: Champasak oozes with heritage, from Khmer ruins dating before Angkor Wat to French colonial influence. Much of the province’s past can be seen along the Mekong at Vat Phou and throughout the 4,000 Islands, where the local’s riverside lifestyle shines. You’ll find plenty of natural attractions on the Mekong, but a trip to the Bolaven Plateau unveils waterfalls, forest treks...Read more.

Getting There: You’ll find plenty of ways to reach this growing Southern Lao travel hub. Lao Airlines offers 14 direct weekly flights to Pakse International Airport departing Vientiane at 07:10, 7:50, 8:10, and 10:30, depending on the day, for the 75-minute trip. The carrier offers a daily direct flight from Luang Prabang departing at 10:40 and arriving at 12:20...Read more

Getting Around: When it comes to getting around Champasak, take your pick from plenty of options. Public busses take you to district centres from Pakse’s two bus stations 2-3-times a day. A 07:30 bus departs the Dao Heung Market for Champasak Town at 10:00, 11:00, and 12:00 for LAK20,000. Busses for Don Khong and Don Khone leave from the Southern Bus Station...Read more.

Where to Stay: Match your mood with your Champasak visit by picking accommodation that merges your experience with the atmosphere for your destination. With more than 200 establishments to choose from, you can stay in a star-rated hotel in Pakse, find a quiet guesthouse near Vat Phou, or treat yourself to a riverside resort on the Mekong’s 4,000 Islands. Those venturing to...Read more.

Travel Guide: Many Champasak visitors arrive at Pakse Town by land or air, and go sightseeing in the area before moving on. Champasak Town presents the gateway to the area’s Heritage Landscape, while Don Khong and Don Khone/Don Det open the door to the 4,000 Islands. Those heading to the Bolaven Plateau often stay in Paksong...Read more.


Champasak: Heritage on the Mekong