Xieng Khouang

Xieng Khouang: Beyond the Plain of Jars
Tourists often ask, “Is there anything else to do in Xieng Khouang besides see the jars?” The answer, “Plenty.”
Prehistoric Burial Jar sites of Xieng Khouang


History: Learn about the timeless Plain of Jars, an ancient kingdom, and intense bombing. Xieng Khouang and the Plain of Jars make up one of the most important sites for studying the late prehistory of mainland Southeast Asia and Laos. The ancient civilization that constructed the jars flourished, as did advances in agricultural...Read more.

Ethnic Diversity: Four ethnic groups – the Tai Dam, Khmu, Tai Phuan, and Hmong – populate Xieng Khouang’s landscape. Some share the same villages, each in their own section, but interact as a larger community. The Tai Dam are noted for their silk weaving, a skill they brought from north-western Vietnam, when they...Read more.

Things to Do: Step beyond the Plain of Jars, and head off on one of Xieng Khouang’s circuits. Tour Phonsavanh Town, spend a day on the Southern Jar Route, or explore an ancient kingdom in Historic Khoun. You can experience culture and wartime history on the Northern Heritage Trail, and uncover Western Secrets...Read more.

Top Attractions: The Plain of Jars headlines Xieng Khouang’s attractions, but you’ll find other historical sites dating to the 13th century’s Muang Phuan Kingdom up to the Indochina War. Experience Xieng Khouang’s seemingly random jar sites presenting a jumble of puzzling prehistoric jars. Of the 90-plus identified sites, jar...Read more.

Getting There: Fly or drive to the Plain of Jars. Three daily busses depart to Phonsavanh from Vientiane Capital’s Northern Bus Terminal from 07:00-10:30. Three late busses leave between 04:30- 20:00. The 400-km, air-conditioned coach ride takes about 10 hours and costs LAK110,000. You can also book a minivan...Read more.

Getting Around: You’ll find plenty of travel options in Phonesavan, from motorbikes and cycles to sawng taews, tuk tuks, and minivans. Tuk tuks and sawng taews (Pickup trucks with benches) are available for sightseeing around Phonsavanh. You can book them at the bus station for the day to go on self-tours to close-by...Read more.

Where to Stay: Pick the place that’s perfect for you on your visit to the Plain of Jars and beyond, as it's all about location. Most of Xieng Khouang’s 100-plus hotels, guesthouses, and resorts are in and around Phonsavanh Town, the provincial capital and gateway to the jars. You’ll find a reasonable choice of quality, but unless you hire...Read more.

Travel Guide: Several Lao provinces provide direct transportation to Phonsavanh, and a broad range of accommodation and restaurants fits every budget and taste. Travel agents can take you on tours and provide vehicle rentals. Six daily busses depart to Xieng Khouang from Vientiane Capital’s Northern Bus Terminal. The 10-hour, air...Read more.


Xieng Khouang: Beyond the Plain of Jars

Xieng Khouang