Vientiane Province

Vientiane Province: Nature between Capitals
The road between the Lao capital and Luang Prabang triggers your journey into the Last Frontier.
Nature between Capitals a road must travel and explore in Laos


History: Remnants of an ancient Mon-Khmer settlement has been found near Ban Phon Hong. However, Vientiane Province’s history is mostly entwined the birth of the Lane Xang Kingdom in the 14th century. As the Luang Prabang-based kingdom began to spread, it stepped into Vang Vieng, settling “Muang Song” in 1353, as a staging post on the road to Vientiane City...Read more.

Ethnic Diversity: Anthropologists often divide Vientiane Province’s into two groups: the lowland Lao Loum and Lao Sung in the mountains, but there’s more to the diversity than that. The Lao Loum (lowlanders) live in the floodplain, and make up the majority of the country’s population. Laos’ substantial Lao Sung population tends to live at higher elevations. However, these...Read more.

Things to Do: The road between the Lao capital and Luang Prabang triggers your journey into the Last Frontier. Get a taste of nature and Lao culture at Vang Vieng and Nam Ngum Lake. Vang Vieng, the world’s river-tubing capital, offers more than a thrilling ride down the Nam Song River. Vang Vieng’s backdrop of limestone outcrops is filled with caves to explore, trails...Read more.

Top Attractions: Vientiane Province presents plenty of caves waterfalls around Vang Vieng, with interesting Buddhist and historical sites along the way. Just 4 km north of Vang Vieng, and easily accessed from Route 13, you can inspect Tham Lom (Wind Cave). You’ll have to climb over boulders and up a steep path to reach the entrance. Then, turn on your torch to explore...Read more.

Getting There: Busses and vans are your best bet for getting to Vang Vieng and the Nam Ngum area. Public and VIP busses to towns in the province depart from the capital’s Central Bus Station behind the Morning Market. Busses leave on the hour for Vang Vieng (LAK40,000) and Thalat/Nam Ngum (LAK15,000). A daily bus departs for Kasi at 08:30 for LAK50,000...Read more.

Getting Around: You’ll find loads of transport choices in Vang Vieng, while Nam Ngum offers interesting options. Vang Vieng holds a variety of options for going on self-guided adventures around town, to the caves, along the river, and into the mountains. By foot, you can stroll around town to see the temples, find a restaurant or bar, or cross a suspended bridge to a relaxing ...Read more.

Where to Stay: Find the perfect room in Vientiane Province, whether you’re heading for Vang Vieng, looking for a retreat on Nam Ngum Lake. Looking for a peaceful riverside hotel or lively resort with water sports? How about a quiet bungalow in nature? Vientiane’s top tourism spots offer more than 250 places to stay that meet every taste and budget...Read more.

Travel Guide: Vientiane Province presents visitors to the capital with a natural retreat, and overland adventurers to Luang Prabang with plenty to experience as they delve deeper into The Last Frontier. Though often overlooked, the province is easy to access, and an adequate local transport system offers several ways to get around. Accommodation is readily available in...Read more.


Vientiane Province: Nature between Capitals
Recommended in Vientiane Province
Inthira Vang Vieng
Inthira Vang Vieng is a chic and contemporary hotel and restaurant, located along the river bank, and facing the amazing karstic mountains of Vang Vieng. The hotel offers comfortable rooms with private balconies and a scenic view overlooking the river and mountains. This is a perfect setting to chill and relax after a day discovering Vang Vieng’s natural wonders. Enjoy a refreshing drink while watching the sunset, and take a dip into the outdoor infinity pool facing the mountains. For breakfast, lunch and dinner, the Namsong restaurant will delight you with traditional Lao and international dishes, all made with fresh and local ingredients.
Inthira Vang Vieng +856 20 2878 7779
Sanctuary Nam Ngum Beach Resort
Located 15 minutes from Vang Vieng and 120km from Vientiane Capital, the Sanctuary Nam Ngum Beach Resort is ideal for sharing moments alone or with your family. Take the opportunity to relax on the Tha Heua banks. The picturesque fishing village will charm you with its homes on stilts and markets. The lake is dotted with islands, where you can admire sunsets in a mountain setting. In the day, enjoy the resort’s sandy beach and floating swimming pool, take a peaceful boat ride among the islands for a glimpse of the local lifestyle, or jump into more adventurous water sports. Staying at the resort offers an authentic experience in the tranquillity and natural beauty of Laos.
Sanctuary Nam Ngum Beach Resort +856 (0) 30 777 6988

Vientiane Province