Khammouane…The River Cave Capital
Head to a mystical land with rivers running through secret tunnels that cut through limestone towers. It’s like another world.


History: See remnants of the Sikhottabong Kingdom dating back more than 1,000 years, and view French colonial structures. Many historians believe Khammouane, meaning “happy gold”, was named after the gold deposits found in the area hundreds of years ago. The province’s history dates...Read more.

Ethnic Diversity: Meet Khammouane’s people. The large Phouthai population live in lowland river valleys. Bru reside in the eastern mountains. You’ll also find isolated settlements of rarely visited tribes. The province’s Phouthai often mix with the similar Tai people, and are usually considered a...Read more.

Things to Do: Head to Laos’ hottest new adventure destination, Khammouane, with something for everyone. Jump on “The Loop”, a provincial lap taking in Thakaek Town, Cave Alley, Limestone Forest, and the Nakai Plateau. The daring can head east into The Hinterlands for extreme adventures in rugged...Read more.

Top Attractions: Head to a mystical land with rivers running through secret tunnels that cut through limestone towers. The River Cave Capital is like another world. Ask fellow travellers why they came to Khammouane, and more than 90% will say, “Caves,” as caverns pock the limestone mountains in ...Read more.

Getting There: From Vientiane to Southern Laos, you’ll find a bus to Khammouane. And Thakaek is just a bridge away from Thailand. From Vientiane Capital’s Southern Bus Terminal, VIP (LAK80,000) and Express (LAK 70,000) coaches depart for Thakaek at 04: 00, 05:00, 06:00, 12:00, 13:00, and...Read more.

Getting Around: Tackle “The Loop” on a motorcycle or visit sites in a sawng taew. You find plenty of options for getting around “The River Cave Capital”. Tuk tuks are readily available for sightseeing around Thakaek. Some sawng taew (Pickup trucks with benches) drivers can be hired by the day...Read more.

Where to Stay: Make “Where you Stay” part of your Khammouane experience, whether you’re overnighting in Thakaek Town or venturing out on “The Loop”. In Thakaek, you can curl up in a renovated French colonial hotel or guesthouse, or soak up tranquillity in the gardens of a Mekong Riverside ...Read more.

Travel Guide: Khammouane is quickly growing in popularity due to its cave-filled limestone outcrops, remote rivers, and jungle activities just a five-hour drive from Vientiane. Thakaek, the provincial centre, offers plenty of options for getting around on your own, as well as tours run by operators...Read more.


Khammouane…The River Cave Capital
Recommended in Khammouane
Inthira Thakhek
The Inthira Hotel is a very friendly boutique hotel located in the center of Thakhek, close to the Mekong riverbank and the local market. The French Colonial building has been beautifully restored with attractive touches such as high ceilings rooms, teak furniture, exposed bricks and rain showerheads. The café and restaurant on the ground floor, serving excellent Lao and international food, is a perfect reflection of the iconic Khop Chai Deu restaurant in Vientiane. Inthira Hotel is the ideal stop to rest between two of your travel adventures in Laos.
Inthira Thakhek +856 20 2878 7779