Easy Adventures

Easy Adventures in Laos
Looking for a simple and exciting way to discover Laos? Take an Easy Adventure to explore the country’s pristine nature, ethnic villages, and heritage sites dating back 1,000s of years.


Curiosity leads to adventure. What’s down that path? What’s around the next turn? What’s inside that hole in the mountain? In Laos, the answer is, “Plenty. Go have a look.” And, there’s loads of Easy Adventures for all ages and levels of ability. That easy trail might lead to a giant waterfall. Ride a bike around that turn and you might stumble into a sacred ancient temple. You can even take a boat ride into caves.     

Easy Adventures in nature take you inside protected areas to spot birds and wildlife, swim in clear waterfall pools, and creep inside caves with bizarre rock formations. History hounds can explore archaeological ruins, examine relics and murals in ancient temples, and inspect museum displays. If you’re a culture vulture, immerse yourself in an ethnic village visit and overnight homestay to experience traditional lifestyles and customs that remain alive today.

Head off on an Easy Adventure that combines nature, culture, and history. A single path, village, or road often opens the door to all three. From the mountainous northwest to Mekong River rapids rushing through the south, the curious will uncover plenty of wonders on a memorable authentic adventure in Laos.

Northern Laos Easy Adventures

Get ready to tackle your bucket list in Northern Laos. Check off a Mekong cruise, a bike-and-hike to rural ethnic villages, and a cave exploration. Peak into Luang Prabang’s hidden nooks and crannies. Venture beyond the Plain of Jars. Take a night-time boat ride to look for wildlife. To discover more about Easy Adventures in Northern Laos, choose a Northern Laos Destination

Central Laos Easy Adventures

Easy Adventures are easy to reach in Central Laos. Vang Vieng offers clusters of caves, river rafting, and hot air balloons. You’ll find nature trails to waterfalls, orchid fields, and an elephant tower near the nation’s capital. Hop on the hot new “Khammouane Loop” to explore a string of caves in limestone towers. To discover more about Easy Adventures in Central Laos, choose a Central Laos Destination

Southern Laos Easy Adventures

Head off on an Easy Southern Laos Adventure. Bike and boat around the 4,000 Islands, where Mekong river life and raging rapids blend with French colonial structures and a pre-Angkor UNESCO site. Journey to the Bolaven Plateau to waterfalls and coffee plantations. Take a boat ride through the jungle in Attapeu, or easily side-step into Salavan, one of Laos’ best kept secrets. To discover more about Easy Adventures in Southern Laos, choose a Southern Laos Destination


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