Salavan Accommodation

Stay over in one of Southern Laos best kept secrets.


A short ride from Pakse lands at the Tad Lo tourism enclave, with resorts opening to sprawling lawns and gardens offering private views of the Tad Hang and Tad Lo Waterfalls. Budget travellers will find Xe Set Riverside rooms near the bridge, and can arrange tours and transportation at local agents and guesthouses. Rooms at riverside resorts average between $35-60, while those near the bridge are generally in the $10-25 range.       

The bulk of the province’s hotels and guesthouses are further east in Salavan Town, the provincial capital. Most establishments are quite new as Salavan’s importance as a commercial and tourism hub is growing. Accommodation ranges from family-owned guesthouse to full-facility hotels and many options in between. Budget hotels and guesthouses generally run $7-15, most with clean and somewhat small rooms. The mid-range category offers rooms around $25-35, while hotels can fetch between $35-60. Rooms are also available in Laongarm, Khongxedon, Toumlan, and Ta-Oy Towns.       

Facilities vary with room choice and price. While hotels tend to offer in-room Wi-Fi, service at guesthouses is spotty, and it’s best to check before booking. Almost all rooms have satellite TVs (with few if any Western channels), hot-water showers, and air conditioning, though less expensive fan rooms are available. Some hotels have restaurants, but most selections are Lao, Thai, and Vietnamese. Several guesthouses offer complimentary coffee in their lobbies. Some desk staff speak English.


Savour Unseen Salavan

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