Luang Namtha Accommodation

Set the tone for your journey into the “Adventure Capital of Laos” with accommodation that melts with the natural surroundings.


Most of Luang Namtha’s rooms are in and around the provincial capital on the Nam Tha River, and west in Muang Sing in the Green Triangle. You’ll also find village homestays, jungle camps and forest retreats. Back in the tourist enclaves, you’ll uncover a choice of some 100 eco-lodges, hotels, bungalows, and guesthouses down quiet side roads and on the main strips.

You can stay in and around the Luang Namtha tourism hub or pick a place south of town. Many traditional hotels and resorts offer restaurants and electronic goodies are available for $35-50. You can get a guesthouse in the $10-30 range, with some in-room offerings, such as TVs and Wifi. Muang Sing has fewer choices, with well-kept eco-lodges averaging around $10-15, though less expensive bungalows and guesthouses are available.   

Amenities and facilities vary throughout the province’s accommodation, and price is sometimes based more on peace and quiet than furnishings and electronics. Like most rooms in less-visited Lao provinces, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and refrigerators may be available. Bathrooms are generally small but clean, and most rooms have TVs. Larger establishments tend to have restaurants and bars, but many guesthouses offer beverages in their lobbies. Some staff speak English, German, French, Thai, and Chinese.


Luang Namtha…Nature’s Playground

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