Vientiane Capital

Vientiane Capital: The World’s Most Relaxing City
Ease into your trip into Asia’s last frontier, or unwind from your action packed tour. Experience tranquillity in the world’s most relaxing city where the past and present meet.


History: Ancient Vientiane once covered both banks of the Mekong River. Its first name was Ban Nong Khanthae Phiseuanam, and became Vientiane 500 years ago. In 1357 King Fa Ngum held a celebration for the unification of all Lao territories, which enhanced his power throughout the Lane Xang Kingdom and neighbouring kingdoms...Read more.

Things to Do: Ease into your trip into Asia’s Last Frontier, or unwind from your action packed tour in Vientiane. Experience the world’s most relaxing city where the past and present meet. Scour Lane Xang Concourse from temples and markets near the Presidential Palace to Patuxay monument and the revered That Luang Stupa...Read more.

Top Attractions: Head into Vientiane’s past at Buddhist sites and historical museums, or browse around the markets and shops. Vat Sisaket, constructed by King Anouvong in 1818, is located on Lane Xang Avenue near the Presidential Palace, and is the only temple in the “Old City” that survived the Siamese invasion in 1828...Read more.

Getting There: Vientiane is the main gateway to the country, with most travellers entering and exiting the country through the capital. The number of flights and airlines landing at Vientiane’s Wattay International Airport continues to increase, and they are arriving from more destinations including Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore...Read more.

Getting Around: Pick your pleasure, when searching for transport around the capital. From taxis and tuk tuks to bicycles and busses, Vientiane is ready to get you around. Most visitors to the capital stay in the downtown area, where they can take in the main attractions. Many rent a bicycle or motorbike, which makes it quicker to reach Patuxay...Read more.

Where to Stay: Pick the right room, in the right place, and at the right price on your Vientiane stay. The capital sits at a cultural, tourism, and business crossroads, and the city’s accommodation reflects this mix. Sip on your morning coffee on a patio overlooking a garden courtyard in town. Enjoy the Mekong sunset with a drink on your high-rise...Read more.

Travel Guide: Vientiane Capital is often the first stop for visitors to Laos, and the city offers plenty of activities and attractions. More options are opening up to get there by air, road, and rail, and a public bus service is reaching areas of the city few have visited. Hotels are now seeing the capital’s potential, and new establishments continue...Read more.


Vientiane Capital: The World’s Most Relaxing City

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